Chaplaincy Announcement -06-05-2018

Chaplaincy Announcement

  1. From the harvest thanksgiving proceeds last Sunday, we realized primarily from the Kenyan, Tanzanian & Zambian communities and other East and south African Countries the total sum of 1,128.25 cents. let us applaud the Kenyan, Tanzanian & Zambian communities for their contributions and cooperation.
  2. Today’s harvest thanksgiving is for the Cameroon, Gabon, & Congo Kingshasa, Congo Bravasille, Benin Republic, & Zimbabwe communities. On behalf of the chaplaincy, we will like to thank these communities for their generosity and support.
  3. Next Sunday being the 13-May-18, the Nigerian & Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia & Sierra Leone communities should get ready to do their harvest thanksgiving service.
  4. Today we celebrate our chaplaincy youth day, we have witnessed during our mass today the active liturgical participation, beautiful choral presentations put up by our vibrant youth. On behalf of the African chaplaincy and our chaplain, we wish them a happy and fruitful youth day. Let us put our hands together and applaud our youth for their commitment to the chaplaincy. We pray for God’s guidance and protection.
  5. Please remember that the 20th of May, 2018 which is a Pentecost Sunday; is our chaplaincy one-year Anniversary celebration. That day is also the day we will conclude our harvest thanksgiving exercise. In line with the planning of the anniversary, the following activities and tasks have been decided by the chaplaincy executive council and our chaplain:
    1. That different communities will present at most two native songs or any songs of their choice at the hall during the event. Therefore, all the leaders and head of commissions should organize their members to ensure a beautiful and coordinated performance during the event.
    2. In line with our chaplaincy motto “Unity in diversity” we encourage all chaplaincy members that will not be on uniform that day to appear in their beautiful native attires.
    3. There will be a lectionary procession on that day led by the Kenyan and Cameroonian community. Since the procession starts for the entrance of the church, we advised that all those that wishes to participate in the procession should join from the church entrance
    4. There will be a solemn entrance procession on that day, with our kids in the front, the chaplaincy council members, the readers, the Mass Servants and the priest together with the bishop. If you want your kids to participate in the entrance procession, the training and the song practice is ongoing. Please meet Nonye Anasonye for follow up.
    5. We agreed that we will serve potluck lunch on the day of the anniversary therefore we request that the heads of the different communities should meet with Mrs. Christine Ojwaka to agree on the type of food and drinks to bring for the potluck lunch.
    6. To reduce the cost in our anniversary planning, we are soliciting for members who are in the event management industry or who have materials or skills on how to decorate event hall to please meet with Mrs. Christine Ojwaka today. On the same vein, if you know anyone you can suggest to us that can take a token for the service please contact Mrs. Christine Ojwaka today. we will appreciate your support and service.
    7. The invitations cards are still available, if you have friends and well-wishers that you would like to invite to our Anniversary please meet your community leaders or the chairman to get the card.
    8. For other hall arrangements and other services during the event, we are entrusting the work to our youths and other volunteers. Please the youth leader should liaise with Mrs. Christine and the Chairman for the planning.
    9. In line with the preparation towards the anniversary celebration, a brochure/magazine will be launched a Sunday before the anniversary and during the event itself. we are therefore calling on all members who may want to send in goodwill messages, articles or those who may be interested to advertise their products and services in the brochure to contact Mr. Festus Anasonye today to register and submit the pictures and articles. To take a Full page from the magazine will cost 30 Euro., Half page is 15 Euro and Quarter page is 10 Euro. Please note that the Last date of submission will be 7th May 2018 to enable time for editors to edit and send for printing
  6. From June onwards, the 2nd Sundays of every month will be reserved for community meetings. The leaders and head of different commission should take note and have their meetings on that day. On such Sundays, if available we will only offer simple and light coffee.
  7. In the future, the chaplaincy intends to be serving simple and light coffee and will only offer heavy lunch only on special occasions by the voluntary request of a chaplaincy member.
  8. For administrative purpose and to minimize confusion that we have encountered lately, we advise that groups or individuals who intend to organize events or propose initiative should first consult with our chaplain or any of the two parish priests before executing them to ensure things are done properly.
  9. We call the attention of those who are fond of sending wrong information to the authorities in the church or those who enjoy making unnecessary complaints about our chaplaincy activities to refrain from such act. If you have any suggestions, proposal, complaints, remarks or feedbacks to make about our chaplaincy, please meet our chaplain or the chairman of the chaplaincy to give report first before taking the complaint to other church hierarchy.
  10. On the 3rd of June 2018, we will have the honor to celebrate mass with Rev Fr. Paul Opata who is the newly ordained priest of Oslo Diocese. Rev Fr. Paul Opata who is originally from Kenya. In preparation towards the first mass service, the Kenyan, Tanzanians and other east African countries will take care of the liturgy on that day. Dr. Paschal Ojwaka and Mrs. Patricia will lead the planning of the liturgical functions on that day.

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