A Word from Our Chaplain

Rev. Fr. Leonard Wobila
Rev. Fr. Leonard Wobila Shwei

You are warmly welcome to our website in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen.  It is with great humility that I accepted the appointment of my bishop to be the first and pioneer chaplain of The Holy Spirit African Catholic  Chaplaincy Finland to continue with the great work of God for the catholic immigrants from Africa in particular and  for all the faithful of God in the Catholic Diocese of Helsinki.

I am totally committed to the vision of the fore-bearers of the catholic diocese of Helsinki, in the person of Mgr Teemu Sippo SCJ  and the diocesan pastoral council, and I am readily available to minister to all Catholics in general and to the African Catholics in particular.

I am totally bound to the service of the almighty God; our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; through serving his people in the world he loves and gave himself as a ransom. I  therefore will proclaim the gospel of Christ faithfully, practice gospel of Christ always and every where,  through teaching and discipleship, social services (supporting the aged, the weak, the sick, the refugees, the displaced people, and the prisoners) and social actions (taking proactive steps and measures to stop culture and values that keep people and our environment in bondage) No discrimination,  racism, tribalism, etc.  Read more