Mission Statement

A Mission Statement for the African Catholic Chaplaincy Finland

Romans 8:39: Nothing can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  1. To bring together all African Catholic immigrants and others in Finland.
  2. To rescue people’s faith from the secularized and damaging societal influences
  3. Saving African Catholic immigrants and others from the prowling nature of false prophets and non-Catholic religious groups
  4. Giving African immigrants the possibility to worship in the cultural identity of their origins without necessarily separating themselves from the universal catholic church.
  5. Helping African immigrant parents to transmit the Catholic faith to their children in diaspora and through their African cultural identity also help them to integrate in the Finnish society and the Catholic faith without necessarily separating from the universal church.
  6. Giving African immigrant Catholics the possibility of coming together wherever they are in Finland. This has led to the creation of Small Christian Communities (SCC) within the different areas in Finland, such as already in Vantaa and Espoo.