How to Become a Catholic

If a Christian who has been baptized in another church wants to join the Catholic Church at his own will, he can contact the church clergy of the Catholic Church in which he lives. If there is a need to go ahead with the discussion, it usually takes about one year to go.

The aim of the period is to get acquainted with the Church, especially the church and diocese, by participating in it and at the same time acquire the necessary basic knowledge of Catholic beliefs and views on life. In some localities, this information is acquired at a school-based course, which can also be attended without the certainty of joining the Catholic Church.

After the year of becoming acquainted with the Church, one can decide whether he wants to become a member of the Church. The Church Wizard presents the matter to a bishop who takes the new member of the church fully and usually shares with him the same confirmation of the sacrament.

If an unmarried adult or young adult wants to become a Christian and member of a Catholic Church, he can contact the Catholic Church of the Catholic Church in whose territory he lives. The church clerk advises how baptism teaching or catechumenate is organized in each case. If possible, an adult is usually baptized in the Easter’s vigil, with which he also receives confirmation of the sacrament and, for the first time, the Holy Communion.