Chaplaincy Announcement : 20-5-2018

  1. From the harvest thanksgiving proceeds last Sunday, we realized primarily from the Nigerian & Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia & Sierra Leone communities the total sum of 1,871.75 €. let us applaud the Nigerian & Sudan, South Sudan, Liberia & Sierra Leone communities for their contributions and cooperation.
  2. Today’s harvest thanksgiving is the culmination of the thanksgiving and we can see that we all came in our numbers to support the harvest & Thanksgiving. As you can see here we have purchased the musical instrument for our Mass and worship. On behalf of the chaplaincy, we will like to thank all of us for our generosity and support.
  3. Next Sunday being the 3rd of June 2018, we will have the honor to celebrate mass with Rev Fr. Paul Opata who is the newly ordained priest of Oslo Diocese. Rev Fr. Paul Opata is originally from Kenya. In preparation towards the first mass service, the Kenyan, Tanzanians and other east African countries will take care of the liturgy on that day. Dr. Paschal Ojwaka and Mrs. Patricia will lead the planning of the liturgical functions on that day.
  4. The entire family of Julius Ajubeseh and relations request our presence on the 26th of May 2018 for the wake-keeping mass in the last respect for their Father, brother PA Nkimbi Mechatta Andrew. The funeral mass will start by 4pm -5pm at St. Mary’s catholic church here. receptions follow in the Lutheran parish hall at pihlajatie 16 Helsinki (6 mins walk from the church). All Christians are encouraged to come on that day to stand with our brethren.

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